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Lose weight fast and easily, by suppressing appetite, while increasing fat burning energy, and improving overall health.

"...Im down from 220kg to 150. I haven't been this size for at least 15 years...” - July 

"...Im 45. Somone 10years younger than me asked me for a date, im so happy...”

"...Im back to get another 3 bottles. Ive lost near 60kg. Its such a good feeling...” - Tracy

Acai has been featured on many world famous TV networks and Talk back shows, and is generating huge excitment in the scientific world bexcause of its extraordinary health benifits, including anti cancer properties.

I just got back from the doctor. He is amazed (and so am I) that my cholesterol levels are back to safe levels. He was very interested in this product. 
Ronald 60

Wow this stuff has made my skin so soft and smooth. Im sure my wrinkles are less than what they were last month and my energy levels are great! Im back to get another bottle 
Margret 49

The Acai Berry is the best product I have ever used to reduce my weight, I have been struggling with excess weight for many years and this is the first product that actually worked for me. 
Penny 29

Hoodia Extreme works by suppressing appetite and increasing fat burning by improving energy levels. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that decreased food intake with increased fat burning , equals fast weight loss.

"...fantastic, ive lost over 30kg in just 3 months..” - Jill
"...wow, the guys are starting to look at me again...” - Yevon
"...Im 45. Somone 10years younger than me asked me for a date, im so happy...” - Mandy

It's the look everyone wants — a body to diet for. They're on the beaches, in magazines and all over Hollywood. How far will we go to get one? How about thousands of miles and deep into a distant culture? South Africa’s Kalahari Desert is home to what could be the answer to an appetite.
It's a cactus called hoodia. "You strip off the skin, you strip off the spines, and then you consume it,” says weight loss expert Madelyn Ferns

What's the difference between Hoodia and Hoodia Extract?
Extract is the concentrated form of the herb. Our 10:1 extract, means that it took 10kg of dry plant to make 1kg of powder. Generally a 10:1 extract is 10x the strength of the dried herb, so this is why 1 capsule can be sufficient for many people

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